About Us

FBC Productions

Four Bent Corners is a full-service production company with footprints in Amsterdam and New York City. We have 20+ years experience producing digital branded content for TV and web, documentary, short-form films and our creative services are
wide-ranging — we are extremely passionate about our craft.


We are a collective of global storytellers who specialize in creating world-class content for brands in the Lifestyle sectors.


Besides an eye for onboarding creative talent, our technical
know-how is extensive and we know exactly where to source
the best locations we need in any country in the world. We are committed to creating story-driven content with a keen eye
for the aesthetic, creating real partnerships with companies
and talents from all around the globe.


We welcome to partner with you and bring fresh ideas to life that delight your audience and make you memorable. At the heart of Four Bent Corners, we are a relationship focused film house whose aim is driving real results for our clients and have fun in the process.

General Inquiries, press and other matters:



Whether it's a brand story,
a commercial concept for a TV spot or an editorial piece we produce concepts from start to finish


Storytelling is at the heart of what we do. Meaningful stories move, inspire and connect us


We bring commercial concepts and stories to life by using our state-of-the-art production equipment

post production

From editing to the final polish we see your project through to completion 

The Core Team

Behind the Scenes 

Sarina Di Mento smaller.jpg
Sarina Di Mento

Executive Producer, Creative Director


Richard Patterson

Founder, Executive Producer


Caroline Boyle

Production Coordinator

Toby van Patterson